5 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners for Teachers 2019

For busy teachers, it’s essential that their pencils are always sharp. When their pencils get dull during crunch time, they need a sharpener that can brush up the tip of their pencil quickly. Being taught pre-school classes, I know how time taking, and hard it would be to work with a regular sharpener. So I wanted to try out electric sharpeners along with 15 of my pre-school and elementary teaching colleagues. Here, we will help you share some of the best electric pencil sharpeners for teachers from our tests that can fit on school desks.

Teachers no longer have to leave their desk just to have their pencils back in action. Here are top 5 picks along with a buying guide.

1) X-Acto School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

The X-Acto Electric sharpener is a corded unit that sports a flyaway cutter system. With this, the sharpening will stop once the pencils are sharp enough. It reduces wastage even if the teacher forgets the pencil being sharpened.

The manufacturer of this sharpener claims that their blade has 33x more life than other units. True enough, X-Acto can stand the wear and tear of daily use. No surprise it is our top pick as many of us preferred to use it, including me.

Even if it’s a heavy-duty sharpener, it has a relatively quiet motor that suits faculty rooms and classrooms. It also has a helical steel cutter that produces sharp yet rounded tips that are safer in a school setting.

Also, what we like the most with this sharpener is it can sharpen pencils with different sizes and shapes. There are 6 slots that include one for triangular pencils. The rest are perfect for circular and hexagonal pencils of different diameters. It’s also great for colored pencils.

Moreover, it comes with a 10-year warranty for the motor while it allows two years for the cutting mechanism. In case you reach the end life of the blade, it can be replaced easily.

Overall, it’s great for batch sharpening even for pre-schools and elementary schools.


-Fit for pencils of various shapes and sizes
-10-year warranty for the motor
-Flyaway cutter system
-Quiet motor


-Not ideal for those looking for a fine point tip finish

2) PowerMe Electric Pencil Sharpener

If you want a perfect, pointed finish, the PowerMe electric pencil sharpener might be the one you’re looking for. It uses a high-grade blade that rotates in 360 degrees when sharpening. You can sharpen a pencil in as fast as three seconds.

PowerMe can sharpen 3,000 times without showing signs of wear and tear. Although it’s powerful in sharpening, it remains compact and lightweight, perfect for teacher’s desks.

Take note, though, that this sharpener only has one pencil slot. It’s ideal for solo use or sharing with another person. Anyway, it has a vertical table mount structure that allows it to fit in the most cramped desks.

Another great feature of this sharpener is its auto-stop technology. If the lid is removed, the sharpening will stop. This is the reason why PowerMe is a good choice for kids that are at risk of injuring their tiny fingers.

It also has an auto-jam release technology to avoid getting your pencils stuck in the sharpener. This sharpener is best for No. 2 classic pencils, triangular pencils, watercolor pencils, chalk pastel, and the likes.


-Auto-stop safety feature
-Auto-jam release
-Perfect point tip
-Large shavings reservoir


-Sharpens only one pencil at a time

3) School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener

If you want another corded option, you can consider the School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener. This is a single-hole sharpener with a vertical mount design for space-constrained desks.

This sharpener has a large shaving receptacle that’s easy to remove and empty. There’s a marker on the side of the sharpener to check if the receptacle is already full.

The School Smart sharpener has an auto-stop feature which makes it ideal for kids. Unless the receptacle is put back in place, the sharpener won’t work.

An added feature here is the non-slip runner pads that come in either black or gray.

Take note that this sharpener is only best for graphite or lead pencils. The label in the box says that soft color pencils, crayons, and chalks may block the blade. But given its price, this is already the best bang for the buck.

Anyway, what we like the most about this sharpener is its sturdy construction. It’s perfect for students who keep on jabbing their pencils into the hole. The casing is also strong enough to last for years.

Overall, this is a fast sharpener, but you would have to deal with a little more noise in the process.


-Sharpens really quick
-Easy-to-empty bin
-Large shaving receptacle


-Not ideal for soft color pencils (pastel, chalk, etc.)
-It doesn’t have an auto-stop feature once the sharpening is done

4) Bostitch QuietSharp Heavy Duty Electric Sharpener

For teachers looking for a fast-sharpening yet ultimately quiet sharpener, the Bostitch model is a good choice. It can sharpen a pencil for just 4 seconds on its hard helical blade cutter. This is re-engineered to last 10 times longer than usual sharpener blades.

Also, this sharpener is developed to run quietly even if the pencil slots are full. It also sports an overload protection technology that keeps the motor from overheating. Even if you sharpen batches of pencils, this won’t bog down easily.

Moreover, this also has an auto-stop feature that will engage once the shaving receptacle is removed. It also has a Tip Saver technology that prevents the pencils from over-sharpening. The cutter will retract automatically once the pencil is sharp enough. This prevents wastage even if the student forgets to remove the pencil on time.

As for the pencil slots, this Bostitch sharpener contains 6 that can fit pencils that can fit a variety of sizes. It can sharpen even Ticonderoga Tri-Write pencils as well as jumbo-sized pencils. It’s also ideal for color pencils.

This Bostitch sharpener has a 7-year warranty to back every teacher.


-Tip Saver technology
-Auto-stop feature
-6 pencil holes for a variety of sizes
-7-year warranty


-Large pencil holes are enough to fit a kid’s finger (not really a con, but a reminder for teachers)

5) JARLINK Electric Pencil Sharpener

Teachers who want to save some money while enjoying the perks of a heavy-duty sharpener shouldn’t miss what JARLINK has to offer. This unit has a helical blade that can sharpen for as fast as 5 seconds. It’s also ideal for color, charcoal, No. 2, and other types of pencils.

The sharpening will automatically start when the pencil is inserted to the hole. It will stop once the pencil is sharp enough or if the shaving receptacle is removed.

The best feature of this JARLINK sharpener is its multiple power sources. It can run on 4 AA batteries, USB cable plugged on computers, or through a wall socket. This makes it a very portable choice for classrooms, faculty rooms, and at home.

Also, this sharpener has a large shaving receptacle. And to prevent kids from poking their fingers into the blade, the receptacle has a small, 8 mm shaving entrance.

And unlike other sharpeners, the one from JARLINK has a lifetime warranty. For a low price, this is indeed a wise buy. You just have to contact the sales team should damages occur during use.


-Small shaving entrance for safety
-Sharpens all types of pencils
-Lifetime warranty
-Overheating protection device inside


-Louder than most electric sharpeners

What to look for the best electric pencil sharpener for teachers

Electric sharpeners are time-saving and convenient. Although manual sharpeners offer control, electric versions provide more value, especially for busy teachers.

Before purchasing one, here are some reminders to keep in mind:

Sharpening angle

The angle of the sharpener lets you show more lead. Some electric sharpeners usually have adjustable angles for different types of pencils.

Pencil shape

Pencils can be completely rounded or have edges. Hexagonal pencils are the most common. You have to be careful since some electric sharpeners are designed for specific pencil shapes.


Choose a sharpener that has enough room to store the wood shavings and graphite streaks that will be left after sharpening. Also, look for sharpeners with easy-to-remove shaving bins.

Lead point

Sharpeners can produce two tip types. The most common is the sharp and pointed type. Meanwhile, there are also sharpeners that produce less pointed and rounded tips. Choose one that works best for your students.


No matter how functional a sharpener is, always consider the size of the unit. It shouldn’t consume too much space on your school desk.

Corded vs. battery-powered

This is a matter of preference. Some teachers would opt for battery-powered sharpeners since it’s portable and can be placed just about everywhere. Meanwhile, others prefer corded types so they wouldn’t have to think about replacing or recharging batteries.

Pencil capacity

Electric sharpeners give you the convenience of sharpening multiple pencils at a time. Some have a 6-pencil capacity, while others have less. This is a matter of considering the number of students who will use the sharpener.


The best electric pencil sharpener for teachers is one that can withstand the test of time. Excellent warranty coverage, sharpening speed, and quiet operation are also important features. Whatever you choose, make sure that it suits the purpose in the classroom.

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