7 Best Gaming Headphones for Glasses

I know you’ll agree with me that wearing glasses isn’t easy. Dirt gets into the lenses, not to mention the difficulty of wearing headphones along with eyeglasses. It was almost impossible to have my glasses on without being pressed on the side of my head while trying to enjoy the music or the game I’m playing. With this, I spent days scouting for ‘eyeglass-friendly’ headphones to fix the problem and to save my fellow four-eyed readers from the hassle.

Some would say that the easy solution for this is to wear earphones instead. But you don’t need to be an audiophile to know that there’s a big difference when it comes to sound quality.

My Top Pick: Sennheiser RS 120 On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Every bespectacled gamer out there would surely love the Sennheiser RS 120 Headphones. This on-ear and wireless headphones have an analytical sound production and excellent bass response (up to 100 meters). It’s definitely the best gaming headphones for glasses.

Sennheiser uses a 926 MHz radio frequency – not Bluetooth – on its wireless technology. This can receive reception through walls, outdoors, and ceilings.

It also extends the range of almost any remote controlled A/V devices of up to 120 feet away. It has an impedance of 24 ohms that deliver crystal clear sound.

At first, I thought that this headset was wrongfully labeled as on-ear due to the large padding. But thanks to the oval-shaped earpieces, it’s actually comfortable to wear even with my eyeglasses on.

This is a fully wireless unit, and it comes with a charging cradle. Also, its AAA NiMH batteries can work for 20 hours straight.

It has a 2-year international warranty. For headphones under $100, this gives the best bang for the buck.


-Stronger reception than Bluetooth
-Zero cable clutter
-Padded headband for comfort
-Transmitter connects to any device with headphone out or RCA jack


-A steep learning curve for the setup

2) Sony MDRZX110 Series Stereo Headphones

If you’re a ‘Sony person’ like me, the Sony MDRZX110 is the best buy for under $50. It has a rich 30mm driver that produces a full frequency response.

This best gaming headphones for glasses has a swiveling and foldable design that allows you to adjust the earpiece around your eyeglasses.

Although not wireless, these Sony headphones have 1.2 mm, 47.5-inch Y-type cable that’s resistant to snags and tangles.

It uses a 90-degree plug instead of the typical straight-from-the-wire type. Also, it uses the standard 3.5 mm jack that suits most devices.

So far, this is one of the most comfortable headphones to wear even with bulky eyeglasses. It has the right clamping effect that doesn’t get your earlobes sore even during extended games.

It’s lightweight and weighs only 0.57 lbs. The headband isn’t padded, but there’s a contour on top to fit your head.


-Portable and adjustable design
-Full frequency response
-Long and tangle-free 47-inch cable
-Includes a mic on the cable


-Less sturdy than other Sony headphones

3) Panasonic On-Ear Lightweight Headphones

The Panasonic On-Ear Headphones is a no-fuss choice. It’s on-ear open-air headphone perfect for casual listening and gaming. It’s equipped with 30 mm neodymium drivers that produce the right balance of treble and bass.

It comes with an XBS port that boosts the bass sound. This enhances the audibility of low frequencies.

The 4.5-ft. cord is perfect for the grab-and-go use. It threads comfortably on clothes and bags.

Aside from its exact on-ear earcups, it also has soft pads that reduce the strain of clamping. It also has a wide headband that fits almost any head size.

The headphone is lightweight and weighs around 1.2 ounces tops without the cable. As an under $10 headphones, you can afford to have a few units lying around.

Although it’s cheap, it gives a loud sound that suits laptops and other devices. It’s also a perfect fit for kids with eyeglasses who are fond of video games.


-XBS technology for better bass sound
-Weighs 1.2 ounces
-Costs less than $10
-Perfect for casual listening


-A bit brittle

4) VOGEK On-Ear Portable Headphones

What I love the most about the VOGEK headphones is it doesn’t look cheap even if it’s under $20. It has a powerful 40 mm driver that delivers a complete gaming experience.

It has an in-line microphone which makes answering calls a total breeze. The seal around the ear helps reduce background noise. I also like that it’s a one-wire headphone which reduces cable clutter. The 59-inch cable is tangle-free and snag-free.

Moreover, the headband is well-padded and foldable for easy storage. It’s perfect for on-the-go use. You can even turn the mic off entirely for privacy.

For someone who wears eyeglasses, I can say that the earcups are soft enough to be comfortable even for hours of use. The only gripe I have is that it doesn’t come with a storage case, which is just a minor issue.

Upon trying, I was surprised that the mic function isn’t supported on PC. Also, there are no buttons which allow volume control.

If you want to tweak the sound level, you’d have to do it on the source device.


-Single-wire design
-12-month money-back/replacement warranty
-Noise-cancelling technology
-Perfect for answering calls/games


-Poor clamping for small heads

5) Audio-Technica ATH-ARH3BTBK SonicFuel Wireless Headphones

If you want Bluetooth powered headphones, the Audio-Technica is what I’ll recommend. It has a built-in mic and music control on the earcups. The 40 mm drivers emit a full and well-balanced sound.

This has a full-range sound reproduction that boosts low and high frequencies. It also supports AAC and aptX codecs that ensures a disruption-free transmission during your game.

This has the Near Field Communication functionality that lets you touch-pair with NFV-compatible Bluetooth devices.

It’s equipped with 41 ohms of impedance which protects the headphones from overloading.

This best gaming headphones for glasses has a foldable design for portability. It’s paired with a padded headband and soft earpads that are comfy to wear with your glasses on.

When in use, the battery of the Audio-Technica headphones can last for 30 hours of non-stop listening. On standby, it can run for 1,000 hours.

For less than $100, this headphone provides the best sound quality. Although there’s no noise cancellation feature, it still blocks some of the background noise.


-Support for aptX and AAC codecs
-High impedance
-Long battery life
-Excellent bass boosters


-Can’t take solid hits, needs a case for storage

6) Bose SoundLink Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

If you have the budget to splurge for high-end gaming headphones, put your money on Bose SoundLink.

The Bluetooth-powered, wireless headphones have Bose’s proprietary TriPort technology that delivers high-quality music. You’ll hear the clearest highs down to the deepest lows.

It’s also great for answering calls. It’s equipped with the advanced 2-Way Microphone system that lets you have clear conversations. It reduces the noise even in windy and crowded locations.

On the earcups, you can adjust the volume, answer calls, and switch to another track without even if you’re wearing your eyeglasses.

The controls are intuitive and complete with voice prompts.

These best gaming headphones for glasses can play for 15 hours without disruption. In case it runs out of juice, the quick-charging batteries will be full in just one and a half hour.

The Bose SoundLink headphones work for both Apple and Android devices. We can also connect this to our PS4 using the auxiliary cable included in the package.

Like its predecessor unit, you can pair the Bose headphones to two devices at the same time. However, you can’t listen to it simultaneously.


-2-way microphone for clearer calls
-TriPort technology for seamless sound
-Auxiliary cable and carrying case included
-Ability to connect two devices at a time


-The clamping is a bit tight.

7) Edifier HD650 Ultra-Portable On-Ear Headphones

For my fellow eyeglass wearers who want a headphone that fits precisely on their ears, Edifier is a good choice. It has a large 40 mm driver made from high-quality neodymium magnet for superb sound.

With 32-ohm impedance, it’s protected against overloading.

Like most portable units, this Edifier headphone has a foldable headband. This lets you fit the headband on your back pocket.

Its high-frequency response yields crystal clear sound. You can enjoy it for 10 hours in just one charge.

Also, this unit is made for sporting mode. The compact and excellent clamping keeps it in place even when you’re running.

What I like the most here are the very soft earcups. It lets you wear your eyeglasses plus it doesn’t strain your earlobes.

It’s not a wireless headphone, though. It has a 1.3 m cord with a standard 3.5 mm jack.


-Noise canceling, noise isolating
-A durable headband that can withstand pulling
-12-month manufacturer warranty
-Portable design


-It can make use of a bass boost


For the best gaming headphones for glasses, you can never go wrong with the Sennheiser RS 120. It’s affordable, comfy to wear, and has excellent performance. As an on-ear unit, it lets you wear your eyeglasses for undisrupted gaming.

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