Best Electric Skateboard For College 2019: Getting Around Campus Never Got Easier!

Getting around campus can get terribly boring and tedious on foot.

Not to mention, it can take a lot of time – which you probably don’t have in between classes.

Bikes are bulky, roller blades are cumbersome to take off and put back on — not to mention they can smell! — so how about an electric skateboard?

We spent more than 40 hours scouring the internet to present a curated selection of the five best electric skateboards, specifically for strolling around campus.

Meoket Electric Skateboard – Best Budget Pick

The Meoket Electric Skateboard is an extremely affordable electric skateboard, yet runs like the wind.

It has all the characteristics of a typical electric skateboard such as a maple deck, remote control, and lithium-ion battery. On extra, it has a Bluetooth speaker and a front light. The front light makes it more secure to ride when it gets darker outside.

The deck is a 7-ply maple wood deck – beautiful and resistant. Maple wood is the most common material used for skateboards and electric skateboards because it is durable and strong. Maple trees grow slow – which gives the wood much more density.

The Meoket electric skateboard’s battery is a 29.4 V Samsung lithium-ion battery, which guarantees close to an hour of riding it at a speed of 10 mph. However, you can get it to go close to 20 mph. It owes its speed to its 350 W single hub motor.

Its 73 x 51 mm wheels are made out of polyurethane which is what most skateboard wheels are made out of due to their resistance to shock and low noise.

The downside to the Meoket Electric Skateboard is that it weighs 11 lbs, which isn’t much – still easy to carry – but weighs more than the usual electric skateboard.

The remote control allows for braking control and cruise control. The remote also displays how much battery there is left and at what speed you’re going at. The skateboard automatically shuts off if you if haven’t been using it for the last 5 minutes.

If what you are looking for is a cheap, nice-looking, and fully functional electric skateboard – this is one of your best choices. It might not have a very intricate design, a higher class battery, but – it will take you there and it will last on you. It also comes in four colors: green, red, orange, and black.


  • Cheap electric skateboard
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Front light
  • 10-mile range
  • Up to 12 mph speed
  • 29.V Lithium-ion battery
  • 350 W motor


  • Weighs 11 lbs
  • Not water resistant

Biltzart Mini Flash 28” Electric Skateboard

Another best electric skateboard for college and getting around campus is the 28-inch Blitzart Mini Flash.

The Blitzart Mini Flash has a weight of 9 lbs and can withstand 200 lbs. It doesn’t go extraordinarily fast – but it can get you going up to 12 mph because of its 250 W hub motor. In reality, 12 mph is an above-average speed for an affordable skateboard, 10 mph being the average.

Its 24 V lithium-ion battery can last for at least 8 miles and be recharged in two hours. That should be enough for going from building to building in between classes or study sessions. You can control the speed with the ergonomic remote control – which even though is labeled as ergonomic, it feels slightly unnatural in the hand.

It has a maple and bamboo deck. Two bamboo layers are on the top and bottom, while in the middle it has a 5-ply maple wood material. In total, it amounts to a 7-plywood deck – which is the standard for electric skateboards and regular skateboards alike.

We really enjoyed the Biltzart Mini Flash 28” electric skateboard. It’s got pretty much all you might need for getting around campus. It’s also cheap, portable, takes nice turns, and can even get you uphill at a lower speed.


  • Cheap electric skateboard
  • Up to an 8-mile range
  • Up to 12 mph speed
  • 7-ply Maple & Bamboo wood deck
  • Weighs 9 lbs
  • 200 lbs weight carrying capacity


  • Not water resistant

The Voyager Neutrino Electric Cruiser Fastest Electric Skateboard Pick

The Voyager Neutrino is a sleek and modern electric skateboard. It won’t break the bank either.

What we really love about its design is that its electric components are completely hidden from sight. The battery can be found in the deck, while the motor is built right into the wheels.

The Voyager Neutrino can speed up to 12.5 mph with its 350 W brushless motor. It can even go up a 15-degree maximum incline. It has a lithium-ion battery that will last for a 7-mile continuous ride. Which, unfortunately, isn’t a lot and is its main flaw.  The Voyager Neutrino weights 9.5 lbs and can hold up to 176 lbs.

One of our favorite things about the Neutrino is the fact that it is water resistant. No wonder, with all that electric gear, neatly tucked in the deck and wheels. You won’t have to worry about getting splashes of water on this motorized skateboard.

Without a doubt, the Voyager Neutrino will make college life easier and getting around campus easier. It’s also our favorite pick due to those built-in components, water resistance, and affordability.


  • IP55 water resistant
  • Weighs 9.5lbs
  • 350W hub motor
  • Can speed up to 12.5mph
  • Can go up a 15-degree incline
  • Affordable


  • Only has a 7-mile maximum range

Razor X-Electric Skateboard

The Razor X-Electric Skateboard is affordable. Not as affordable as the Meoket electric skateboard on our list – but still affordable.

It has the capacity to carry up to 220 lbs, more than all the other electric skateboards on our list.

It has a 125 W hub motor and a lithium-ion battery that can take you up to 10 mph for close to an hour of non-stop use. This is average for an electric skateboard, some go up to 20 mph while others to even 26 mph.

The Razor X-Electrical Skateboard’s 37.5” deck is made entirely out of bamboo wood, 5-ply more exactly. Most decks are made out of a 7-ply deck, so although the deck is strong, it’s not as strong as other decks. However, the bamboo wood and 5-ply deck offer the skateboard a lightness that maple wood would not.

It has the typical Polyurethane wheels in a stylish black and white design. PU wheels are functional and fit for riding on the street, or on more rough surfaces.

It has a remote control so you can control its speed and brakes. The battery under the deck has three lights on it: red, yellow and green to let you know exactly how much you have in your “battery tank”. Even though the remote doesn’t display the amount of battery you have left, at least you get some information on it.

It’s not waterproof, but it can resist splashes or droplets of water. And, it has a unique long-board shape.


  • Affordable
  • 125 W hub motor
  • Long-board design
  • 220 weight carrying capacity
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Up to 10 mph speed


  • The remote doesn’t display the battery left – you have to check the lights under the deck and on the side of the battery
  • Not water resistant

Urban Portable Mini Electric Skateboard

This portable mini electric skateboard – is not only portable, but it’s fast and strong.

With its deck of only 17 inches and 7 pounds in weight is very easy to carry around. We’ve hung it on a strap on our backpack. Barely felt it was there.

Despite being a mini electric skateboard – it does not lack power. With a 150 W hub engine, it can get to speeds of up to 12 mph. That’s quite something for a 150 W motor. Its lithium-ion battery only needs 1 hour of charge and lasts between 7 and 10 miles.

It is also FAA approved so you can take it with you on the plane. Flying home from college? You can take the Urban Portable Mini Electric Skateboard with you.

It’s not only very easy to carry around, rather fast since it can get to up to 12 mph, but it’s also strong – it can hold a weight of up to 250 lbs. Also, no need to worry about how it’s like riding this little one – it has PU wheels that ride well and endure well.

It has three speeds you can choose from by selecting it on its ergonomic remote control. It’s not water resistant, but you can use it in damp weather.


  • Affordable
  • Very easy to carry around
  • Weighs only 7 lbs
  • A 17-inch deck
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs


  • It has a hub motor of 150 W – yet, it can get you to up to 12 mph.
  • Not water resistant

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Skateboard

Motor or Engine

There are only two types of engines that an electric skateboard can have: belt drive motor or hub motor.

Most electric skateboarders will choose the hub motor because of its maintenance aspect – you don’t need to do much to it. Since there is no belt or pulley system there are fewer moving parts or parts that break down.

Motors are responsible for the speed your electric skateboard can reach. Most reach a speed of 20 mph. It is actually not recommended for an electric skateboard to go faster than 20 mph – it’s not considered safe. Despite this, some expensive electric skateboard can even reach 26 mph.


Another big key thing to consider when buying an electric skateboard is its battery. You don’t want to spend too much time recharging and then too little time actually riding. However, at the moment electric skateboards don’t have state-of-the-art batteries.

From current options – your best one is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and not nickel battery. The energy density of lithium-ion batteries is double that of nickel batteries. The highest-end lithium-ion batteries tend to last for a 20-mile ride and even a 30-mile ride. However, more affordable electric skateboards will have batteries that last for 7 to 10 miles. All lithium-ion batteries tend to take around 1, 2 or 2.5 h to recharge.

The type of battery your electric skateboard has will dictate if you can take it on an airplane with you. Even though you’re a college student – you might go home for the occasional weekend or travel. And, you might want to take your electric skateboard. Many electric skateboards can be taken on board as a carry on – check your product’s specifications.

Remote Control

Your skateboard’s remote controls everything – accelerating, speed, and especially braking! You need high control connectivity, a remote that feels natural in your hand (ergonomic), that is easy to use, and especially one that lasts on you.

So, pay careful attention to the remote’s design, material, quality, and specifics. Also, pay attention to online reviews on how the remote control of the electric skateboard you want, actually works performs.

Deck Length

A deck’s length is quite important – but it’s also dependent on preference. A lengthier deck can offer much more room for your feet – which helps you have more riding flexibility and stability. A shorter deck offers a less heavy electric skateboard which makes it easier to carry. However, it takes away space and you will need more balance to ride one.

Electric skateboard decks can come in different lengths. Regular skateboard decks have a length between 28” and 32”. While the width of the deck averages between 7.5” and 8.25”.


If you want to ride well – you need high-quality wheels on your electric skateboard. They’re also the ones that give a skateboard the ability to easily go over soft terrain or more rough terrain.

High-quality wheels don’t just imply the actual wheels (usually made from polyurethane – because of their shock absorption and low-noise level) – but the trucks too.

If both the wheels and the trucks are made from high-quality materials and with a lot of attention and work, they’ll have better flexibility, suspension, and resistance. Which would make your electric skateboard fit to ride over soft and hard terrain. Skateboard trucks are usually made from aluminium and steel parts.

Deck material

It’s important for an electric skateboard’s deck to be strong so it can hold you, withstand wear over time, and withstand impacts. Most decks are made out of maple wood, bamboo, or a mix of the two. Especially the decks for more affordable electric skateboards. These two types of wood are strong and resistant, yet flexible.

However, they are not as strong and durable as carbon fiber. Plus, even though regular skateboards require flexibility – electric skateboards don’t require as much.

Many more-high priced electric skateboards will have a deck made out of carbon fiber with the usual grip tape on the top. Decks which are water resistant – if not the entire skateboard.


When choosing an electric skateboard think before about how portable you want it to be. Are you going to be moving around on foot a lot throughout the day as well and need to carry it? Then you might want a light electric skateboard! They can range from 7 lbs to 10 lbs.

Weight Carrying Capacity

Depending on if you have a heavier body constitution or lighter constitution – you’ll need an electric skateboard that can sustain you.

Most electric skateboards have a 170-200 lbs weight carrying capacity.


As with anything that you buy and can break down – you need a warranty. The warranty of a product sends an important message – the more warranty you get the more you can trust the product. The less warranty you get, the more the manufacturer expects it to break down after that allotted time passes.

Electric skateboards offer between six months and two years of warranty. It depends on the quality and price. For getting around a college campus, a one year warranty can be enough.


What is the best electric skateboard on the market?

Even though we have looked at the best electric skateboards for college and getting around campus – they’re not really the best electric skateboards on the market. All these best picks are very affordable and chosen to fit your student life budget. They can’t reach as high on the quality scale as really expensive ones do.

The best electric skateboard on the market is without a doubt, the Evolve Skateboard – Bamboo GTX Series – All Terrain. It’s a high-quality electric skateboard that promises a top speed between 22 mph and 26 mph and one battery recharge can last for up to 31 miles.

What is the cheapest electric skateboard?

The cheapest electric skateboard is actually on our list of best electric skateboards for getting around campus and it’s the – Meoket Electric Skateboard. At the bottom of the price scale with a pretty regular skateboard design, 350W hub motor, and 29.4V Lithium-ion battery it’s a qualitative skateboard for its price.

Are electric skateboards safe?

Yes, electric skateboards are safe – otherwise, they wouldn’t be sold. However, as with anything that you use, you need to know how to, so that you don’t get hurt.

Before you decide to use an electric skateboard – it’s recommended you learn how to use it without its motor on. Use it as a regular skateboard. This way you learn how to get on it, stay on it, take turns, and get off. From there, practice riding the electric skateboard on private land, before actually using it around others.

If you want to feel even more protected, it’s advisable to wear a helmet and other protective gear such as elbow pads and knee pads. Once you’ve done all of this, pay attention when you are on the open road and – you’ll be safe riding an electric skateboard.


Getting around campus can become easy and quick with any of these best 5 electric skateboards for college. They’re affordable, run well, have efficient batteries, and reasonable speed limits that they can reach.

On top of that, they’re all pretty easy to carry around and have a pretty high weight carrying capacity.

Remember to practice riding the electric skateboard before taking it out in the real world – and you’re all good to start using any of these electric skateboards around campus.

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