7 Best Folding Exercise Bikes for Taller People

Are you a long shank struggling to find the best folding exercise bike for taller people? As a 6-foot guy, I share the same sentiment. With this, I scoured the web and spent hours trying different exercise bikes and brands. Finally, I came up with these 7 ideal picks together with a buying guide below.

I know that it can be such a task to find a folding bike that has enough height to accommodate tall users. So to cut the chase, I’ve handpicked these models:

1) Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike w/ Pulse

My top pick is the Exerpeutic Magnetic Upright Bike equipped with the Smart Cloud Fitness. Aside from being a typical bike, it can be connected to the MyCloudFitness app where you can track your workout goals.

Construction-wise, this folding exercise bike can accommodate users between 5’3” to 6’1” in height. It’s made with a large cushioned seat for utmost comfort.

It comes with bullhorn handlebars equipped with hand pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate. Between the handlebars is the 3.5” LCD display that projects distance, time, calories burned, speed, and pulse scan.

The resistance of this bike sports a 3-piece crank system to provide high-torque pedaling. Overall, it has 8 magnetic tension levels controllable through a knob located below the handlebars.

With a V-belt drive and a balanced flywheel, this exercise bike works quietly. It also has large pedals with straps for added safety as well as extended leg stabilizers to reduce the chance of tipping.


-Smart Cloud fitness app
-Hand pulse sensors
-Precise magnetic tension
-Larger seat cushion


-The heart rate sensors need to cycle a few times to get a reading

2) Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you prefer a recumbent exercise bike, I’d recommend the Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR. It has a durable steel frame that can carry up to 400 pounds of user weight. Compared to the 400XL model, this has more steel for stability.

This exercise bike can accommodate users up to 6’5” of height.

This sports a large padded backrest and seat with handlebars. The handles are also equipped with heart rate sensors.

Like the first Exerpeutic folding bike, this one also has an LCD display that projects the heart rate, distance, calories burned, time, and more.

Also, it has the same 3-piece cranking system that most Exerpeutic models use. You can adjust the magnetic tension in 8 levels using the knob on top of the LCD screen.

This model has built-in transportation wheels for easy storage. Even as a recumbent model, this bike can be folded easily for compact storage.

Just one note: don’t pedal in reverse as it can damage the machine.


-Ideal for users up to 6’5” in height
-Can carry up to 400 pounds of user weight
-Larger backrest and seat cushion
-Strapped pedals for added safety


-Mine developed a mild knocking noise over time

3) Marcy Foldable and Adjustable Upright Exercise Bike

If you want to save some bucks, I recommend the Marcy Foldable and Adjustable Upright Exercise Bike. This bike is made from 14-gauge steel and equipped with eight levels of magnetic resistance.

This Marcy bike has bullhorn handlebars with heart rate sensors. It also has a small LCD display complete with digital controls. Below the display is the resistance control, allowing full accessibility even if you’re continuously pedaling.

Its counter-weighted pedals allow precise performance. Also, there are pedal straps to keep you safe. This model comes with a cushioned seat, but I’m afraid it’s smaller than what you can find in Exerpeutic.

This bike needs assembly which can be a problem for some. March offers expert assembly, but it would cost you an additional $89 per unit.

Personally, I’d rather take the hassle of reading the manual and tightening screws that paying more bucks.

As for the height, I’m a 6-footer, and everything fits perfectly at the maximum height setting. I can say that this is the best folding exercise bike for taller people.


-Heart rate sensors
-The LCD display that projects your work out progress
-Comes in a variety of colors
-Expert assembly is available for a certain fee


-The pedal straps are stiff, and you need to wear socks or shoes to avoid chafing

4) XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

An upright bike with back support? If you’re looking for this type, check the XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike.

As a lanky guy, I usually experience back pain when sitting for too long. With the addition of a padded backrest, this exercise bike becomes more appealing.

This model has a large seat with side handles that you can adjust accordingly. It also has 8 levels of manual resistance that you can tweak using the knob just below the handlebars. It uses a 3-piece pedal crank that lasts longer than other types.

The bullhorn handlebars have pulse sensors which are projected in the 2” x 1” LCD display. The display also shows the time, speed, distance, and calories burned.

Near the crotch area, there’s an accessory pocket where you can place your phone or remote control.

Compared to its predecessor unit, the FB150, FB350 has more accessories and more room for tall users.

It’s also more affordable than other upright exercise bikes. If you wish to avail expert assembly, it would cost you around $50 per unit.


-Additional backrest
-Heart sensors on the handlebars
-Better than its predecessor unit (FB150)
-Expert assembly is available for an added fee


-The display is very small

5) MaxKare 2-in-1 Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike

What I love the most from MaxKare is the built-in resistance bands aside from its sturdy built. This upright bike has 8 levels of magnetic tension and a heavy flywheel that delivers consistent rides.

Like XTERRA, this unit has a backrest and a padded seat equipped with side handles. While you’re pedaling, you can also flex your arm muscles using the resistance bands attached in front.

Another great thing about the MaxKare exercise bike is the large display. It projects your fitness data, including your heart rate, calories burned, speed, time, and more.

Take note, though, that heart rate readings wouldn’t be available if you’re using the armbands instead of the handlebars.

It also comes with a tablet and phone bracket where you can also tuck remote controls.

Overall, this exercise bike can hold up to 300 pounds of user weight and height of up to 6’3”. Personally, this suits my height well after adjusting the seat.


-Larger LCD display
-Added tension rope bands for arm exercises
-Heart rate sensors
-Foldable and fits corners for storage


-Tedious to assemble (expert assembly costs $89 per unit)

6) Sunny Health & Fitness Foldable Semi-Recumbent

This Sunny Health & Fitness upright fitness bike actually reminds me of the MaxKare. It also has the additional armbands and the large LCD display with a tablet holder.

The only difference is that this bike is semi-recumbent. You can adjust the hinge of the bike to increase the gap between the seat and the handles.

Like most upright bikes, this is equipped with a magnetic tension that you can adjust using the knob below the handlebars.

Meanwhile, the digital monitor is large, and it shows your speed, time, heart rate, distance, and other fitness stats. Using the armbands, you can also engage your upper body.

Overall, this bike can accommodate up to 256 pounds of user weight. Also, the inseam has a maximum height of 36 inches, which suits tall users.

Like MaxKare and other bikes, Sunny Health & Fitness also offers expert assembly for an additional $89.


-Added armbands
-Semi-recumbent design
-Expert assembly is available
-Large LCD display


-The resistance isn’t very strong

7) BulbHead Slim Cycle 2-in-1 Stationary Folding Bike

My last pick for this roundup is the BulbHead SlimCycle. It’s a bit expensive than most of the bikes I reviewed here, but it’s totally worth the splurge.

It has a semi-recumbent design that provides a low impact exercise for people with back problems.

It uses a magnetic resistance that can be adjusted in 8 levels. Like the previous bikes I’ve reviewed, this one has armbands that let you have a full body exercise.

Currently, BulbHead sells this bike with a free Slim Away Belt.

I love that it has a large seat and an equally large digital display. The purchase of this bike includes access to the Slim Cycle app where you can use up to 10 free classes. Simply open the video class and mount your phone on the digital display to get started.


-Comes with access to the Slim Cycle app classes
-Large digital display and controls
-Free Slim Away Belt
-Fully assembled unit


-Not for very short people

How to choose the best folding exercise bike

Is this your first time purchasing an exercise bike? Here are some of the features that you should consider, especially if you’re a tall person.

Recumbent or upright?

Folding bikes come in either upright or recumbent style. Upright bikes are the common option since it lets the user ride in a sitting position. It simulates the real experience of biking.

Meanwhile, recumbent bikes will make the user ride it in a semi-lying position. It comes with back support and a wider seat. It’s the ideal choice for people with back problems as it lets the person have support for their spine.

For older users, a recumbent bike could be the best choice.


Resistance is the pedal tension. Most exercise bikes come with adjustable resistance levels to increase the intensity of their workout.

Resistance types could be magnetic, direction tension, or air. A magnetic resistance use magnets to vary the degree of tension. Magnetic types are expensive, but it provides the most accurate and quietest operation.

Meanwhile, direct tension resistance uses a spinning wheel and a braking system for the resistance. Still, folding bikes rarely come with this type of tension.

Lastly, the air resistance uses fan blades to adjust the pedal tension. It relies on air pressure to produce tension, which can be noisier than other types.

Weight and height capacity

For tall people, it’s always imperative to check the maximum and minimum height adjustments of the bike you’re purchasing. Usually, individuals that are no more than 5’6” tall will fit on most exercise bikes in the market.

Taller people should look for models made with lavish leg room so your knees won’t hit the handlebars.

Next, you have to check the weight capacity of the bike. Weight is directly proportional to the person’s height. You wouldn’t want a rickety bike that feels like giving off when you increase the resistance.

Noise level

This is just a personal choice, but I’d like an exercise bike that doesn’t sound like a carburetor ready to explode.

Display and programming

Exercise bikes usually come with a speedometer, heart rate monitor, RPM monitors, and distance projected in an LCD display. This functionality will help users monitor their progress.

I prefer bigger LCD panels so I wouldn’t have to squint just to see the digits (poor vision problems, anyone?) Still, it’s just a minor issue.

Ease of use

Folding exercise bikes should be easy to fold and unfold. Most of the bikes I’ve tried are pretty intuitive, and there’s no legwork to think about.

Assembly and design

It’s up to you to choose if you can handle assembling an exercise bike. Some models are delivered fully assembled. Anyway, this shouldn’t be your main consideration when purchasing an exercise bike.

Additional accessories

Some exercise bikes can double as an elliptical machine while others have built-in arm resistance bands. Some would have free weight loss belts to complement the exercise equipment.


The best folding exercise bike for taller people should have the right height, build, and features. Aside from having the right fit, you should also pay attention to the functionality. The 7 models I reviewed here are all great. Just choose which one suits you well.

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