Best Graphing Calculators for Engineers 2019

Whether you are an engineering student or a seasoned professional, owning a functional graphing calculator is key. Amazon sells a variety of graphing calculators to fit the needs to modern, tech-savvy engineers with different functions and features, at a range of price points. Below we provide a breakdown of the top 5 graphing calculators for engineers.

  1. For engineers seeking a modern take on the graphing calculator, the Casio Touchscreen with Stylus Graphing Calculator is a perfect option. The device has more screen space than keyboard space, and as the name implies, comes with a stylus pen for easy navigation. The large screen shows data and graphs in color, and contains drop-down menus to locate functionalities. This calculator is $124.75, but Amazon gives you the option of purchasing a slightly used device for $117.36, eligible for Prime shipping.
  • In addition to niche options, you can also find the well-known T-84 graphing calculator on Amazon. This TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator also comes with a digitalized screen that appears more like a phone screen than the typical gray calculator screen. The TI-84 Plus CE has six times the memory of a regular TI-84, and is also 30% more lightweight.  Finally, this modern take on the TI-84 is approved for engineering students and advanced math courses. Amazon Prime sells this for $128.99, down from the regular price of $150.
  • The CATIGA CS121 Scientific and Engineering Calculator is a more budget-friendly but still highly functional option. It is $34.99 on Prime, down from $39.99 without Prime. This device is also approved for a number of standardized tests, and it is capable of displaying graphs and functions simultaneously. It is lightweight, and contains over 280 pre-built functions for efficiency.
  • Interested in loading data, charts and information from your graphing calculator into your PC? The Casio fx-9860GII Graphing Calculator allows you to build out complex models in a few keystrokes, and comes with a USB cord to export data to your computer. The screen has an icon menu for easy navigation and the device comes with a built-in spreadsheet application for engineers. This graphing calculator is $79.99 on Amazon Prime.
  • Finally, computer engineers can benefit from the sleek Texas Instruments Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator. This device comes with a computer algebra system for those with a deep understanding of mathematics. It also allows you to enter in notes, steps and other information alongside the data on the screen. This calculator also allows you to create 3D graphs! This powerful device is around $345 on Amazon, but you can opt for a gently used version for $136-$188.

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