Best Hand Dryer For Offices 2019: Dry Hands, Cleaner Workspaces.

As we grow increasingly conscious of our impact on the environment, many businesses and workspaces are taking small but steady steps towards a greener future. In fact, just the other day, my office made a tiny change to the way things are run – we switched to hand dryers from paper towels.

Now, the restrooms and wash areas are cleaner, and we get to dry our hands more quickly and thoroughly. This appliance is also cost-effective and eco-friendly. If these reasons are tempting enough for you to make the switch, let me take you through four of the best hand dryers for your office. I’ve also thrown in a couple of suggestions about one of the best hand dryers for schools, and about a good hand dryer you can get with a tight budget.

Excel Dryer XLERATOR 

With the kind of science and development that’s gone behind the making of the Excel Dryer from XLERATOR, it’s no wonder that I’ve put it right at the top of my list. The XLERATOR was developed after 3 years of scientific testing and evaluation. And it’s 3 times faster and uses 80% less energy than other standard dryers.

What makes it great?

For starters, the XLERATOR is extremely easy to install. The process is straightforward and stress-free, and it doesn’t take an expert to figure it out. Your office handyman or electrician should be able to take care of it easily.

The dryer comes in three sizes, namely a 5.5A/277V model, a 7A/208V model, and a 12.5A/110V model. You can also choose from two kinds of nozzles – a standard one and a noise reduction variant.

The XLERATOR’s drying action is its greatest selling point. When you place your hands at the opening, it first blows off all the excess water in 3 to 4 seconds. In the next phase, hot air penetrates the layer of moisture on the skin and evaporates it.

The result is soft, clean hands that feel warm and fresh.

What could be improved?

Frankly, the XLERATOR is quite perfect just the way it is. The only downside I can find is that the standard nozzle can be quite noisy. If you’d prefer a quieter dryer, it’s best to opt for the noise reduction nozzle instead.

JETWELL High Speed Commercial Automatic Hand Dryer

JETWELL has gone one step further than many other manufacturers. They’ve created a hand dryer that’s not only efficient, but also intuitive. The JETWELL dryer has survived over 500,000 lab tests with no problems in its functioning whatsoever. It’s also extremely cost-effective in the long run. Estimates suggest that the related annual costs for a restaurant with 200 people come up to less than $50 if the JETWELL dryer’s installed. On the other hand, a conventional hand dryer would take up around $160.

What makes it great?

The dryer takes just around 10 seconds to get your hands clean and dry. So, if your office puts a lot of emphasis on taking short breaks, this hand dryer may be just what your workspace needs.

It’s also equipped with a Smartwarm function that switches between hot and normal air. For instance, if the ambient temperature is below 25°C, the dryer emits warm air. Otherwise, it puts out normal air, thus saving a lot of energy.

I’d also give this model a couple of bonus points because it comes with overheat protection and timeout protection. Plus, its design is fireproof.

That’s not all. The dryer uses HEPA filters, which trap over 99% of dust and granular particles, so your hands remain clean and sanitized.

What could be improved?

There’s no bone to pick with the way this JETWELL hand dryer functions. It’s almost a ten on ten. The installation, however, can be a tad bit tedious, and I wish that could be improved. But it’s a one-time thing, so I’m not really complaining.

LS-PRO Automatic Hand Dryer for Commercial Bathrooms

If you thought the Alpine Hazel was quiet, you’ll be surprised to learn that this hand dryer from LS-PRO is even less noisy. It only emits between 55 and 60 decibels, which is quieter than a conversation!

What makes it great?

Low noise levels already make it perfect for commercial workspaces. But it’s also great for so many other reasons. First, the speed. At 85m/s, the gush of air from this automatic hand dryer can get your hands dry and warm in less than 10 seconds.

The manufacturer has also put a lot of thought into the design. With a body made from premium quality polycarbonate, this dryer isn’t just durable, it’s also lightweight. That’s a tough combination to achieve; mostly, it’s either one or the other.

The technology used is also sensitive and intuitive. It makes use of an Intelligent Temperature Control and Sensing System to automatically heat the air based on the surrounding environment.

Lastly, it comes in two colors – white and gray. Both of them look absolutely perfect, but I personally love the gray version. At the right angle, it looks almost metallic.

What could be improved?

I think this LS-PRO hand dryer is perfect just the way it is. It’s super-easy to install (it comes with all the necessary hardware), it’s fire-resistant, and it’s a looker. What more could I ask for? However, I’ll say this – if your office restroom is a bit cramped for space, this may be a bit too bulky to install unless you can work around the logistics.

AjAir® Heavy Duty Commercial 1800 Watts High Speed Automatic Hot Hand Dryer 

The AjAir heavy duty commercial hand dryer is the last dryer on my list, and I’ll give it this – it’s a looker. It comes in four colors (stainless steel, black, white, and gray), and it sports an attractive design in each of those shades. The dryer is also UL-certified, CE-certified, and bears an RoHS certificate.

The UL certification means that the dryer meets UL’s standards for safety, while the CE certification indicates that the appliance conforms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. The RoHS approval means that it meets the restrictions on the use of specific hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products.

What makes it great?

Installing this dryer is a cinch, as many previous customers will tell you. The manufacturer sends all of the required hardware along with the package, so you can directly get down to business.

The dryer also comes with a 5-foot power cord, making it suitable for most offices.

The best part, however, is its temperature sensor. This handy little addition makes sure that the heater kicks in only if the ambient temperature is below 77°F (or 25°C). The end result is that it prevents your hands from feeling too hot, and also keeps the appliance from overheating.

And I’ve saved the best for the last; this hand dryer is economically priced, meaning that you get all the advanced features present in premium quality hand dryers for just a fraction of their price!

What could be improved?

Like all the other options on this list, the AjAir dryer is nearly perfect just the way it is. Installing it takes all of 15 minutes, and it functions perfectly for years afterward. The only minor gripe is the air temperature; the dryer can sometimes blow out air that feels too cold.

Best Option for Schools: A-Series DXA5-974 Automatic Hand Dryer

The ideal hand dryer for schools needs to be quiet, energy-efficient, and quick. And considering that the environment is mostly filled with curious children, the dryer also needs to be incredibly durable and resistant to vandalism and mischief.

Fortunately, World Dryer makes some fantastic dryers that check all the right boxes. In fact, Restroom Direct estimates that the Model A-Series hand dryers from World Dryer are used in most elementary, middle, and high schools in the US.

What makes it perfect for schools?

While a push-button version may be a bit too complicated for little kids, the DXA5-974 hand dryer is an automatic model. This means even young children can easily learn to use the appliance without much trouble.

This hand dryer is also extremely durable. Even though it comes with a warranty of 10 years, its working life is almost always easily twice that duration. Maintaining this hand dryer is also a cinch; you just need to clean it out a couple of times each year, and replace the motor brushes once in 4 years or so.

Another great thing about this dryer is that it comes with a universal fixed nozzle that you can swap for a swivel version. Converting the dryer from the fixed to the swivel design is a quick and easy process. Simply swap one for the other.

The DXA5-974 is also very quiet during operation. At a noise level of just 73 to 75 decibels, you can rest assured that this appliance isn’t going to scare children away or distract students in the classrooms nearby.

While all of these are great motives to consider buying the DXA5-974 for your school, the real reason this model is so popular is its build. Made from durable white steel that’s resistant to most kinds of everyday wear and tear, this hand dryer is particularly immune to mischief and vandalism.

What could be improved?

The dryer isn’t a high-speed model, so it takes a while to dry the hands out completely. Not that it’s extremely slow though, because it’s still faster than a lot of other similar models. So, if anything could be tweaked a bit, making the drying process faster would be a welcome change.

Best Budget Option: Alpine Hazel Automatic Hand Dryer

Alpine says they do it right, and after looking at this Hazel automatic hand dryer, I’m tempted to believe them. This dryer is so quiet that it only emits 60 decibels when it’s running. That’s quieter than a hair dryer, and just about as loud as a busy classroom.

What makes it great?

Aside from the extremely low levels of operational noise, the Hazel hand dryer has a volley of things going for it. Firstly, the installation is a quick and simple process. You can either hand-wire it or plug it in. The pack even comes with a template, a wrench, and all the hardware needed for mounting the dryer.

Secondly, this appliance is built to last. Its body is made from durable polycarbonate and is resistant to corrosion and chemicals. This means that even if your office is located right in the heart of the city where the pollution levels typically skyrocket, your Hazel hand dryer will remain unaffected for years.

Also, another bonus is the dryer’s performance. Its brush motor moves at a speed of 2,300 RPM! It’s no wonder then, that this unit can get your hands clean and dry in just 30 seconds or less.

Why is it such a great budget pick?

In spite of being equipped with a ton of advanced features, the Hazel automatic hand dryer costs only around $60. That’s about 50% less than other premium models of hand dryers available in the market.

And it’s not just the initial investment that’s so affordable. The Hazel hand dryer also saves you a lot of money in the long run, thanks to its energy-efficient design. The automatic drying function ensures that the dryer stops running as soon as you move your hands away from the vent. Small aspects like these add up to great savings down the line.

So, if your brief is to get a premium quality heavy duty hand dryer that fits into a tight budget, the Hazel automatic dryer is your best bet.

What could be improved?

The design certainly could be better. It’s not an eyesore, but it’s not the most attractive appliance out there either. If your workspace has a specific theme going on (say minimalist), I doubt the Hazel hand dryer would fit into it unless it was sleeker, more chic, and less bulky.

Things You Should Know When Buying a Hand Dryer for Your Office

1. What are the different types of hand dryers?

Hand dryers fall into one of three main categories: traditional dryers, high-speed dryers, and automatic dryers.

Traditional Hand Dryers

These are the conventional models that come with a button to initiate the drying process. You need to push it to let the dryer blow out hot air. Typically, these dryers take around 45 to 60 seconds to do a good job.

The good stuff:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable design

The not-so-good stuff:

  • Less energy-efficient
  • Longer drying time

High-Speed Hand Dryers

The name makes it pretty evident; these dryers are an improvement on the conventional models in that they take much less time to dry your hands thoroughly. The best high-speed dryers take just 10 seconds to get you dry.

The good stuff:

  • Extremely quick drying
  • Significantly more energy-efficient

The not-so-good stuff:

  • More expensive than traditional models
  • Loud operational noise

Automatic Hand Dryers

An improvement on the push-button process, automatic hand dryers use infrared sensors to detect the presence of wet hands below the blower. They keep the airflow turned on only for as long as needed and turn it off once you’ve moved your hands away.

The good stuff:

  • Extremely sanitary mode of operation
  • Energy-efficient

The not-so-good stuff:

  • Most expensive kind of dryers

Plug-in Hand Dryers

These hand dryers are safe, affordable, and easy to set up. As the name clearly indicates, a plug-in hand dryer doesn’t need dedicated electrical wiring to get it up and running. It works exactly like a hair dryer; you simply need to plug it in and use it.

This design is perfect for makeshift offices or for spaces where it’s difficult to route the circuit to support a fully-fledged hand dryer. Plug-in versions are also easy to install on your own, and you don’t need to wait for an electrician to do the job for you.

2. What are some factors to consider when you’re buying hand dryers?

Before you pick a hand dryer for your office, make sure you’ve checked off all these points.

  • Cost: Your hand dryer needs to fit into your office administration budget without compromising on the necessities
  • Speed: A faster hand dryer would be ideal, because it means less time waiting in line
  • Power: It’s a no-brainer that you need to opt for an appliance that’s powerful enough to completely dry the hands out, so you can make paper towels obsolete
  • Noise levels: Ideally, you need to get a quiet machine that doesn’t cause confusion or disturb how things run in the workplace
  • Energy-efficiency: Opting for an energy-efficient model will save you high electricity bills in the long run
  • Compliance: This may be last on the list, but it’s every bit as important that you get a hand dryer that meets all the quality control standards at play in your country

3. Why should you use hand dryers?

Environmental Impact

They replace paper towels, thereby making a huge positive impact on the environment. If your office is planning to move toward a sustainable and eco-friendly work process, switching paper towels for a top-quality hand dryer could be a good place to start.

Cost-effective Option

Hand dryers result in significant cost-savings in the long run. This is particularly true if you install energy-efficient models. The expenses involved in purchasing paper towels can skyrocket if you compare the annual figures.

Clean Workplace

And most importantly, hand dryers make the office restrooms or washing area cleaner. There will be no more paper residue to deal with, the staff will find it easier to manage the space, and the overall ambience remains clean and tidy.

Popular Brands of Hand Dryers


XLERATOR is a trusted brand of hand dryers manufactured by Excel Dryer Inc. These hand dryers are certified as “Made in USA,” and were among the first to be GreenSpec Listed. They offer three series of conventional hand dryers. Among their most popular appliances are the original patented XLERATOR, the XLERATOReco that uses just 500 watts, and the ThinAir Hand Dryer that’s surface-mounted and ADA compliant.


Manufactured by Intelligent Hand Dryers, Dryflow is a brand that makes use of the most advanced and innovative technological solutions to create state-of-the-art dryers. Their range of dryers include various models, including quiet dryers, high-speed dryers, low-energy appliances, and even hand dryers for toilets that are assigned for people with disabilities.


Tek Motion hand dryers are also among the most durable appliances in the market. The brand mostly manufactures powerful, high-speed dryers that can get your hands dry within seconds. This makes them perfect for commercial spaces like offices and schools, where a lot of people tend to use the dryer on a daily basis. The brand also makes quiet, low-noise versions and eco-friendly dryers that consume less power.


No talk of the best brands of hand dryers is complete without a mention of Jetwell. With the use of intuitive technology that adapts the temperature of the airflow to the ambience around the appliance, Jetwell’s dryers are perfect for workplaces, schools, and restaurants. The brand also focuses on making its dryers as energy-efficient as possible. With such an impressive versatility in their range of products, it’s no wonder that Jetwell is a brand that can be trusted entirely.

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