NanRobot D5+ Foldable Lightweight Electric Scooter Review

NanRobot is a Chinese company with more than 15 electronic scooters currently in the market. RS7 is the fastest scooter they have been able to create, it’s now being featured in the list among fastest scooters present in the market.

The D5 has become popular due to its impressive features, as well as the powerful motors that it has. It also has a wider range and a larger power output. The Nanrobot D5 scooter is a fast powerful and robust scooter that will take you to your destination in time. This scooter comes few enticing features like for instance, it has LED headlight and tail light, as well as an LCD display.


Speed and range

The machine is manufactured in a way that it’s a fast and reliables means of transport..

It’s a high-performance electric scooter that has two separate lithium batteries. These batteries, 1000-2000W power, and 52V,23.4AH have  great features. This batteries are used to power the scooter when it’s in turbo mode. When in turbo mode, the machine is able to move up to 65km/hr. At this speed, the scooter will comfortably move on any terrain. In addition, the wheels are put fenders which prevents dirt from splashing when moving off-road.

Dual motor, all-wheel drive. Nanrobot D5 has two wheels that operate independently. The dual motors work on not only the front wheel but also the rear wheel, to enhance unparalleled control. Due to this, the machine can control well torque and traction of the wheels and has an overall wheel system.

Damping system

The item has ten solid and pneumatic tires that prevent skidding, as well as five shock absorbers. These pneumatic tires together with the shock absorbers, work together to offer great shock absorption. Hence enabling the scooter to adapt well to roads with varying terrains, this will improve the comfort also reducing the bumpiness. This will help in enhancing a smooth as well as a comfortable ride.

Portable design

The machine is made in a way that, it is possible to fold or unfold it easily within seconds. Its folding size being: 12H.43L.8W inches, it can easily fit in cars. This will allow you to move around easily while carrying your scooter in your car trunk. In addition, the machine is equipped with a powerful and bright front headlight. This will ensure you have an enjoyable, secured and safe ride while in darkness. It also has a power lock that displays voltage, as well as approximates the battery’s power life and prevents it from theft, ensuring its safety.

Braking system

For a high-tech electric scooter like this model, it’s essential to have an excellent braking mechanism. Nanrobot D5 comes along with both the front and rear braking system that uses EBS discs. This enables the machine to slow down fast during an emergency and preventing the impact. This will help to prevent an accident and reducing the impact of an accident upon occurrence.

Product description

  • Weighs 70lb
  • Size being 47H.43L.8W inches.
  • When folded: 12H.43L.8W.
  • 10 inch wheels
  • Weight capacity: 150kgs/330lb.
  • Battery-power: 52V / 23.4Ah.
  • 45miles range
  • Top speed: 40mph.
  • Maximum climbing ability being 45°.
  • 5-8hours of operation time on a single charge.

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