The 5 Best Futons for Recreation Vehicles (RV’s) 2019

More and more consumers are turning towards Recreational Vehicles (RVs) for travelling, exploring, or even as a second residence. Because RV owners are always looking for ways to conserve and ultimately save as much space as possible, we’ve put together a list of the five best futons and sleeper couches for small spaces. All of these products can be found on for relatively low prices. So without further ado, here are the top 5 futons on the market for RVs and other small spaces.

#5 Upholstered Futon Convertible Reclining Folding Couch Sofa

The first product on this list is the futon created by Best Choice Products. It is available in two different colors, Black and White. It is an Amazon Choice piece of furniture for sofa beds. Many reviewers recommend both colors as part of a continuous aesthetic. This futon is rated at an average of 3.6 out of 5 stars. This is one of the most casual, aesthetically appealing items on the list. It can fit well into an RV because of this small size, being only 69”(L) x 33”(W) 30”(H). The sofa is very compact, and it can fit perfectly in any RV. This piece is very high quality, and it’s design is comfortable and well worth the small investment.

The assembly for this product also only takes about 15 minutes, and the sofa features a zip up storage space in the back of the mattress for sofa leg storage. Overall, this is a highly rated, recommended futon, perfect for small spaces and RVs.

Check this product out on Amazon: Upholstered Futon Convertible Couch Sofa

#4 Naomi Home Futon Sofa Bed with Armrest

Naomi Home makes the #4 product on this list. While this isn’t the cheapest futon we’ve found, it’s certainly one of the most valued for the money. There are four options in color, including the classic Gray, Espresso, Black, and White. This futon is made out of comfortable, affordable faux leather for a modern design. A cupholder folds down from the back to be used in the seated position. This design is perfect for small spaces because of its versatility, and it’s dimensions are (seated) 66(W) x 32”(D) x 31(H). It’s sleek design allows for the sofa/bed to be consistent with the aesthetic of your small space. It’s rated 3.3 out of 5 stars. It fits perfectly in many small rooms, and is compatible in most RVs on the market.

Find the product here: Naomi Home Futon Sofa Bed with Armrest

#3 DHP Zorro Upholstered Futon-Full Size Sleeper

Another incredibly-made, high quality product is the Zorro Upholstered Futon by the company DHP. This piece of furniture features “soft microfiber upholstery”, “sleek chrome legs”, and “converts into a full-size sleeper”. In addition, this product is also easily assembled. 40 customer reviews rate the futon as 3.5/5 stars. DHP prides itself on its creation of furniture for small space living, and all of their products feature trendy designs, multi-functionality, and affordability. There are two different colors available for purchase, grey and a dark blue. It can fit two people sitting and sleeping for maximum convenience. Many reviews say that this futon is small, compact, and perfect for confined spaces, like home offices, small TV rooms, or even RVs.

The Futon can hold up to 600 pounds sitting or sleeping, and the dimensions are as follows: 68.5”(L) x 32.5”(W) x 29”(H).

On Amazon: Zorro Upholstered Microfiber Futon

#2 Convertible Linen Fabric Splitback Sleeper Couch Futon

While this futon is the most expensive on the list, it’s one that has remained a quality product for its long life on Amazon. It has an average rating of 3 stars, and was created and designed by Best Choice Products. This product comes in 9 different colors, including Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Gray, Dark Red, Light Gray, Orange, and Purple. However, Dark Gray is the cheapest one. The company says that this futon is “designed with an attractive, tufted upholstery with hypoallergenic filling, it makes for a comfortable sofa or easily converts into a bed for overnight houseguests”. This sofa bed in particular comes with a unique feature: the split back of the sofa allows for one half of the bed to be down and the other to be used as a regular couch. This product is perfect for RVs because of its superior adaptability in regards to its positioning options. It’s sturdy frame contributes to its ability to fit in small places, as does its dimensions: 75.5”(L) x 28.25”(W) x 33”(H). This attractive piece of furniture will make your RV or small space feel more like home.

Find it on Amazon: Convertible Linen Splitback Sleeper Couch

#1 Faux Leather Futon Recliner with Cupholders

One of the best quality futons on this list is this Modern Futon Sofa by the company Best Choice Products, the same group who created the futons listed as #2 and #5 in this article. While this item is not on the cheaper side of the spectrum, it is one of the most reviewed on Amazon with 782 reviewers ranging from 3.2 stars to a full 5 stars. It is also rated #1 in sofas and couches on Amazon. One 4-star review states that the couch/futon was aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, highly valued for the price, and easy to assemble. Because this product is designed for small spaces, it can hold about 500 lbs, and is sized at 30″(L) x 66″(W) x 30.5″(H) I was impressed with this couch the most because of its simplicity and easy assembly, and it’s design was incredibly eye-catching.

Many reviewers also mention the convenience of the removable armrests and pillows which are attached with strong Velcro. This particular futon comes in two appealing colors, including black and white. Both are highly recommended, so depending on the aesthetic of your space, either one works. The height is also a plus with this couch. It sits lower to the ground, and this contributes to its functionality as a bed. The sofa features a fully reclining backrest and a set of cupholders in the middle. It is easily assembled, with a “zip compartment in its base for storing legs and hardware”, according to the company. Overall, this product is the most popular, most useful, and most valued for the money.

Find it here: Faux Leather Futon Recliner with Cupholders

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