The Best Electric Blanket for a Memory Foam Mattress 2019!

Winter is coming. The warm summer evenings dissolve into frosty nights. Desperate for a reprieve, you slide between the sheets on your memory foam mattress, only to be met with the famous cooling fabric as it sucks the heat from your bones. While you wait for your mattress to warm up, teeth chattering away, you contemplate your options. Do you dare get out of bed and crank the heat? What if you fall asleep before turning it down? You’ll be left sweltering by midnight. Prop a space heater next to your bed? Sure, that’ll work – if you want to send your electric bill through the roof.

What if there was a way to heat your bed quickly, efficiently, and temporarily? In the early days, people would fill metal buckets with hot coals and draw their bed canopy curtains closed. Today, technology has provided us with a solution to your problems: the electric blanket. And luckily for you, I’ve done the research to find the five best electric blankets on the market today that are suitable for your memory foam mattress. You’ll be warm and cozy in no time.

But first: a brief word about safety. Most memory foam mattresses should be able to handle the cozy addition of an electric blanket. You should still double check with the manufacturer of your specific mattress, just in case. There’s nothing cozy about waking up in a bed of flames.

Four important rules to follow when using any electric blanket:

  1. Maintain a barrier between your blanket and the mattress. As long as you put a nice sheet on there, you’re good to go.
  2. Start the blanket on a low setting, and allow it to warm up slowly. Your memory foam mattress uses your body heat to maintain a nice equilibrium for your body and reduce your pressure points. This gets thrown out of whack if you heat the bed too quickly.
  3. Always use a blanket with a timer, just in case you end up in slumberland before remembering to turn it off.
  4. Do your due diligence. Some signs that it may be time to replace or repair your blanket: frayed wiring, malfunctioning controllers, or hot and cold spots.

Now that you’ve found your solution to those chilly nights, are you overwhelmed by all the electric blanket options? Well, you’re lucky. I’ve gathered the five best electric blankets available on amazon for your mattress. I did the research. I read the reviews. I’m here for you.

Low-Voltage Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Blanket by Perfect Fit

This lightweight blanket is one of the few low-voltage blankets that actually works. It will heat up your body and keep you nice and cozy, but won’t disrupt the supportive features of your memory foam mattress. This blanket aims to provide a “gentle relaxing heat,” which can be unsettling if you’re looking for the feel of a hot coal bedpan. But, the low voltage of this blanket means that it won’t suck your energy bill dry, and is unlikely to catch fire. It also has an automatic shutoff after 10 continuous hours of use.

The details: it weighs about 5 pounds, comes with a low-small power supply box, and is divided into two zones for you and your partner’s individual comfort. This blanket has flat, flexible heating wires (so you won’t feel them), and comes in a variety of rich tones.

Reversible Heated Throw Blanket by Sunbeam

This basic blanket is functional without the frills, easy to use, and comfortable. It features two sides of material for maximum coziness: fluffy sherpa and soft mink. A word of warning if you have cats: they love this snuggly thing so much, you may have trouble booting them off the bed if you’re using it. It has a tendency to get a bit too warm if you leave it on high for too long, so test it out with the lower settings first.

The details: it weighs about 4 pounds, has 3 adjustable settings, and features a 3 hour shut-off timer.  This throw measures 60” x 50”.

Quilted Fleece Blanket by Sunbeam

This plush quilted blanket is one of the heavy hitters on the market. It features a ten setting remote control, which works well for memory foam mattresses. Start it on low, and crank that baby up to where you feel comfortable. Thick, cozy and popular, this blanket will warm you up in no time. It does have an automatic shut off feature, but only after ten hours. It is better to warm your bed with it first and then turn it off, for it is larger and thicker than other blankets.

The details: it weighs about 6 pounds, is machine washable, and is also one of the most popular blankets on the market. This high-quality blanket should last you through the cold winter and beyond.

Fast Heating Reversible Blanket by MaxKare

This electric throw is great for using in bed, but also features some handy snap buttons. When you finally drag yourself out of bed, it’ll be there for you in the morning while you’re drinking your coffee. It keeps you safe and warm for four hours, until the auto-shutoff kicks in.

The details: this blanket is machine washable, measures 50” x 60”, and is made of dual sided silky flannel and sherpa fabric.

Thermee Electric Blanket by Shavel

 This quilt-like blanket is nice and heavy. It’s perfect for those long winter nights. It fits even the biggest of beds, stays in place, and doesn’t slide around. It also features a dual-controller design, so you won’t be fighting your partner for the remote all night. The ten hour shutoff is something to note, as the blanket can heat your bed quite quickly. As with other electric blankets with this feature, it’s probably better to turn it off before falling asleep. Another nice feature of this blanket is the exceptionally long cord-it’s 16 feet long! If you’re willing to shell out a bit more for a nice blanket, this is the choice for you.

The details: this blanket comes in a variety of colors, sure to match any décor. It’s machine washable, for easy cleaning.

Whichever blanket you choose, consider your options carefully. Any of these blankets will be sure to get you through those long winter nights, and even into the summer when your partner plays a little fast and loose with the air conditioner. Good luck!

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