Xiaomi Mi M365 Review

Mi M354 is a product of the Chinese electronics company that has its headquarters in Beijing. The company has specialized in making electronic gadgets like smartphones, electric scooters, laptops, mobile apps, and other consumer electronics. The company was founded on April 6, 2010, by Lei Jun.



Mi M365 is equipped with a rear disc brake. The scooter also has front brakes which are regenerative. This helps to provide the stopping power.


M365 has a powerful DC motor that is 250W. The DC motor can produce a peak power output of 500W.

High-speed and acceleration

The DC motor is able to produce enough power which enables the M365 to attain the highest speed of 16 mph. In order to increase the Mi M365 hill climbing capability, top speed, as well as its acceleration, the firmware should be a bit modified.┬áThe modification can reduce the battery’s lifetime and the M365’s range can be shortened.


When the scooter is put under ideal conditions, it can achieve a range of about 19 miles. The rider can achieve this range or even closer to this range if the rider can ride the scooter in a more conservative way and using the low powered mode.


A well kept M365 battery should be recharged from 0 to 100% full charge within 5-6 hours.

Ride Quality

The M365 has 8-inch pneumatic tires that provide an enjoyable and quality ride. Having a suspension on the scooter may not be possible due to the price range as it would also increase complexity, as well as weight. The M365 is not mostly meant for off-roading, but the machine can handle moderate bumps on the road.

Build and design quality

The Mi M365’s frame has a sturdy deck that’s not slippery, simple controls, as well as beautiful welds. The M365 can be folded easily using a joint that is slightly higher at the neck of the scooter.

Although the machine is not built with a display point, this is made possible by a smartphone app that is Bluetooth-enabled.

M365 ground clearance is less than 4-inches since the deck lies a bit lower than the tire axle.


Mi M365 has been equipped with not only the front light but also the rear light. The front light is placed high enough so as to increase visibility by shining its light way beyond the scooter. The rear light is small and mounted low. The light isn’t that powerful. Due to this, it’s advisable that when riding at night, one should put additional lighting to improve visibility and for safety purposes.


On the right handlebar, M365 has a twist accelerator that is controlled using the thumb. On the left handlebar, there is a handbrake that is able to control both the mechanical disc brake and the regenerative motor brake. There is also a bell on the left side that can be triggered using the thumb as well.

There’s a latch used to lock the scooter in its folding position which is triggered using the thumb.

At the center, there are four LEDs that shows the battery’s life. The power on and off button is used for controlling the lights.


The Mi M365 weighs about 25 lbs. The scooter can be folded into a compact 43x17x19-inches but the handlebars do not fold. The method used for folding is fast and easy to apply. Just pull on the latch and rotate it. This is mostly a safety mechanism to prevent the latch from pulling down when riding.


Mi M365 has the front, as well as rear tires that are filled with air. Pneumatic tires improve the ride quality by enhancing comfort when riding.

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